The Collection of Common Lithuanian Phrases

This is a list of Lithuanian phrases, which will help you build your vocabulary and make you acquainted with every-day Lithuanian. Since the stressing of Lithuanian words is quite random, we give you two variants of every page - one stressed, the other not. If you wish to see the stressing symbols, you must download the original Lithuanian font Palemonas. In order to understand the Lithuanian stress symbols, you will have to go to this page.

The ABC of politeness. Mandagumo abėcėlė.

I. Formulas of Address. Kreipimasis. (see stressed)
II. Greeting People At Meeting and Parting. Pasisveikinimas ir atsisveikinimas. (see stressed)
III. Invitation. Pakvietimas. (see stressed)
IV. Wish. Request. Noras. Prašymas. (see stressed)
V. Thanks. Padėka. (see stressed)
VI. Consent. Doubt. Objection. Sutikimas. Abejojimas. Prieštaravimas. (see stressed)
VII. Excuse. Refusal. Regret. Atsiprašymas. Atsisakymas. Apgailestavimas. (see stressed)
VIII. Striking up a Conversation. Pokalbio užmezgimas. (see stressed)

IX. Time. Laikas. (see stressed)

X. The Weather. Oras. (see stressed)