Links of Lithuanian

Lithuanian Out Loud - a Lithuanian podcast.
Oneness City - Lithuanian lessons: speaking, grammar, vocabulary, lots of sound files.
Lithuanian Language Lessons - Learn basic Lithuanian grammar and pronunciation in these easy and fun flash lessons.
The Historical Grammar of the Lithuanian language
Italietuva - Lithuanian Grammar in Italian
Text-Talk - Write any text in Lithuanian and hear it pronounced.
Linguistic Research Center: Baltic languages

Lietuvos nacionalinis radijas ir televizija - The official website of the Lithuanian national radio and television. You will find an archive of radio and TV shows, which are useful for improving your Lithuanian.
TV.LT - Watch Lithuanian TV shows.
Online Lithuanian Radios

Lithuanian Schools

Mažas pasaulis - Lithuanian classes in Kaunas

Links of Lithuania

Lithuania in Wikipedia
Vardų reikšmės - Ever wondered what the Lithuanian names mean?

Links of Lithuanian Literature

Interlinear Lithuanian short stories
Classic Lithuanian Literature Anthology
Lithuanian Poetry in English
Lithuanian Tales


Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language (Lithuanian-only)
Dictionary of modern Lithuanian (Lithuanian-only)
Anglų-lietuvių-anglų (English-Lithuanian-English)
Anglų-lietuvių (English-Lithuanian)
Lietuvių-anglų (Lithuanian-English)
Letonika (Lithuanian-Latvian-Lithuanian)
Ectaco (English-Lithuanian-English)

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