Jis, ji = it

20 October 2013 by Pigmalijonas

Level: A2

should have the personal pronouns table at the bottom

In English, things and animals are indicated using the pronoun it. For example:

This is a cat. Its name is Murklys.
I am buying a computer. Give it to me.

We, Lithuanians, do not have the pronoun it. Instead, we name animals and things with the same pronouns jis, ji, jie and jos:

Čia yra katinas. Jo vardas yra Murklys.
Aš perku kompiuterį. Duok man.

Ant stalo yra knyga. On the table there is a book.
Ji visada yra ant stalo. It is always on the table.
Duok man. Give it to me.

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