Preposition po

17 October 2013 by Pigmalijonas

Level: A2

It was told that Lithuanian prepositions change their nouns into the genitive (ant), the accusative (į) or the instrumental case.

Your next preposition is po, which uses the instrumental case.

This preposition means under.

Pieštukas yra po stalu. The pencil is under the table.
Kur yra mano tušinukas? Po knyga? Where is my pen? Under the book?

Aš dedu pieštuką po knyga. I am putting the pencil under the book.
Kodėl dedi tušinuką po stalu? Why are you putting the pen under the table?
Kas gyvena po kėde? Who is living under the chair?
Kas ten kalba po stalu? Who is speaking there under the table?

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