Verbs of Dative Case

4 October 2013 by Pigmalijonas


In the previous lesson I promised to introduce you to some dative verbs:

skambinti - skambina - to call (by phone)
liepti - liepia - to command
leisti - leidžia - to allow

Here are some sentences with these verbs:

Jis skambina tėvui. He is calling his father.
Aš visada skambinu mamai. I always call my mother.
Kodėl tu niekada neskambini Dovilei? Why don't you ever call Dovilė?
Darius liepia broliui gerti. Darius commands his brother to drink.
Mes liepiame Dariui skambinti. We command Darius to call.
Kur jūs liepiate Vytautui eiti? Where do you command Vytautas to go?
Mano brolis leidžia Laimiui pirkti kompiuterį. My brother allows Laimis to buy a computer.
Ar mama leidžia? Does mother allow?
Ji leidžia Mildai, bet ne Dovilei.
She allows Milda, but not Dovilė.
Mano tėvai leidžia man eiti. My parents allow me to go.
Skambink mano tėvams ir liepk jiems pirkti kompiuterį. Call my parents and tell them to buy a computer.

Word Meaning
skambinti 1. call
2. ring
liepti command
leisti 1. allow
2. let
3. release
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