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Another common verb that requires the genitive case is:

reikėti - to need

Its present tense 3rd person is reikia. Memorize it!

However this verb needs a separate lesson for two reasons:

  • It is only conjugated in the third person: aš reikiu, tu reiki, reikia, mes reikiame, jūs reikiate
  • It does not have a subject - you cannot say "jis reikia" or "ji reikia"

Instead, to say who is the one that needs something, you must use these forms of pronouns: man, tau, jam, jai, mums, jums, jiems, joms. These forms are the dative case of the pronouns that you know: , tu, jis, ji, mes, jūs, jie, jos.

So this is how you conjugate reikėti:

man reikia - I need
tau reikia - you need
jam reikia - he needs
jai reikia - she needs
mums reikia - we need
jums reikia - you need (plural)
jiems reikia - they need (masculine)
joms reikia - they need (feminine)

Let's use some genitive objects with reikėti:

Man reikia brolio. I need a brother.
Jam reikia Dariaus, bet jis nekenčia jo.
He needs Darius, but he hates him.
Ar tau reikia televizorių? Do you need TVs?
Mes perkame pieštukus, nes mums nereikia tušinukų. We buy pencils, because we don't need pens.
Kodėl jums reikia stalų ir sąsiuvinių? Why do you need tables and exercise-books?
Reikia kompiuterio. A computer is needed.

You can use reikėti with other verbs:

Man reikia eiti. I need to go.
Reikia gerti. It is needed to drink.
Reikia duoti. It is needed to give.
Tau reikia pirkti kompiuterį. You need to buy a computer.

Word Meaning
reikėti need
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