Question Words: kaip

1 October 2013 by Pigmalijonas


To say how or in what way, you have to use the adverb kaip.

Kaip is often found in questions and it is the first word of such questions:

Kaip gyveni? How do you live? (= How are you?)
Kaip sekasi? How are you?
Kaip kalbėti? How to speak?
Kaip jis? O kaip ji? How is he? And how is she?
Kaip jo sesė? How is his sister?
Kaip tavo tėtis? How is your dad?
Kaip mes čia esame? How are we here?
Dariau, kaip tu kalbi? Darius, how are you speaking?
Kaip gyvena jūsų brolis? How is your brother?
Kaip kalba jo mama? How does his mother speak?

Word Meaning
kaip how
kaip sekasi?
how are you?
kaip miela
how cute
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