Question Words: kas

1 October 2013 by Pigmalijonas


In this and the following lessons we are going to learn question words.

To say who or what, you have to use the pronoun kas.

Kas is often found in questions and it is the first word of such questions:

Kas yra Vytautas? Who is Vytautas?
Kas yra Vytauto brolis? Who is Vytautas' brother?
Kas yra? What is happening?
Kas jis? Who's he?
Kas jo mama? Who is his mother?
Kas mes esame? Who are we?
Dariau, kas tu esi? Darius, who are you?
Kas ten eina? Who goes there?
Kas kalba? Who is speaking?
Kas ten visada kalba? Who is always speaking in there?
Kas gyvena? What lives?
Kas ten gyvena? Who lives there?

Word Meaning
kas 1. what
Kas vyksta?
What's happening?
2. who
Tuk tuk! Kas ten?
Knock knock! Who's there?


Jo Alex SG 12 May 2021 07:33
Very clearly explained lessons, thank you so much!