Duoda, kalba, gyvena

1 October 2013 by Pigmalijonas


Let's learn three more "first-typers".

duoti - to give
kalbėti - to speak, to talk
gyventi - to live

Remember that you must pay strict attention to the 3rd person (jis, ji, jie, jos) of all verbs.

jis, ji, jie, jos duoda (he, she, they give)
jis, ji, jie, jos kalba (he, she, they speak)
jis, ji, jie, jos gyvena (he, she, they live)

The stems of these verbs are duod, kalb and gyven. Can you make all the other persons out of them?

duod + u = duodu (I give)
duod + i = duodi (you give)
duod + a = duoda (he, she, they give)
duod + ame = duodame (we give)
duod + ate = duodate (you give)

kalb + u = kalbu (I speak)
kalb + i = kalbi (you speak)
kalb + a = kalba (he, she, they speak)
kalb + ame = kalbame (we speak)
kalb + ate = kalbate (you speak)

gyven + u = gyvenu (I live)
gyven + i = gyveni (you live)
gyven + a = gyvena (he, she, they live)
gyven + ame = gyvename (we live)
gyven + ate = gyvenate (you live)

Word Meaning
duoti give
kalbėti 1. speak
aš kalbu telefonu
I'm speaking on the phone
2. talk
aš kalbu su sese telefonu
I'm talking with my sister on the phone
gyventi live
Jis gyveno Lietuvoje dešimt metų.
He lived in Lithuania for ten years.


Jo Alex SG 11 May 2021 09:27
Amazing lessons, thank you so much!
piero 17 August 2021 20:22
why is not there the third plural ?
piero 17 August 2021 20:22
...sorry..just saw it!