First type verbs

30 September 2013 by Pigmalijonas


There are three types of verbs. At the moment we are studying the first type.

The verb eiti (to go) belongs to the first type. You must pay strict attention to the 3rd person of all verbs (jis, ji, jie, jos - he, she, they). Remember eiti?

jis, ji, jie, jos eina (he, she, they go)

Please notice the stem and the ending of this word (ein + a), because a is the ending of the first type. It is the way to distinguish first type verbs! When you add other endings to the stem (ein), you derive other persons:

ein + u = einu (I go)
ein + i = eini (you go)
ein + a = eina (he, she, they go)
ein + ame = einame (we go)
ein + ate = einate (you go)

u, i, a, ame, ate are the present tense endings of first type verbs.

Word Meaning
jos they


Pigmalijonas 1 October 2013 15:58
būti is close to the first type, but it has suppletive stems (esu, yra) so it's not
Petras 11 July 2022 07:03
I suppose you're right yeah but they did mention in the prior chapter that būti was irregular, so maynw they just got mixed up.