How to buy in spanish

20 January 2015 by Francisco AM

Level: A2

Here I am going to tell ye how to interact with a retailer in spañish.I hope this is useful for you all that are interested in spanish

When we arrive to a shop,first we have to greet the retailer by saying "Buenos días" in the morning ;"Buenas Tardes" at the afternoon,"Buenas Noches " at the evening.
   After greeting the shop assistant,we have to mention what are we searching for,If you are in Mexico,and you have been walking for 6 hours,you may be thirsty and you will need water,,to ask for water,we say. "¿Puede venderme agua porfavor?
  You will want to ask for the prize,,so,say "¿cuánto cuesta?" that means "How much is it?"

If you are amidst mexicans,and you want to eat,then,say: "Tengo hambre,quiero comer" that means "I am hungry,I wanna eat" then ask them where a good restaurant can be found by saying: "¿Donde hay un buen restaurante?" If you want to seem as if you were local,or to show that you apreciatte them,say: "¿Donde hay una buena Fonda de primera?"

If you are dealing with an indian who sells handcraft things,and you want to say that you like the product,say ¡está bonito!



Wolf 12 November 2016 17:30
This is Mexican Spanish, though such basic sentences are almost the same in Spanish from Spain.
A review of errata and orthography would be appreciated, as well as some notes on pronounciation.