Neuter Gender

5 November 2014 by Pigmalijonas

Level: B2

bevardė giminė

Lithuanian adjectives of the first and second declension also have the neuter gender. This means that the adjective is neither masculine, nor feminine.

The neuter endings of the first declension are -a, -ia (balta, žalia); whereas the neuter of the second declension ends in -u (lygu, nuobodu). These forms are not declined, because the neuter gender does not modify any noun. In fact, the neuter gender adjective does not need a noun.

Šiandien labai šilta. It's very warm today.
Čia nuobodu. It's boring here.
Taip daryti negražu. It's not nice to do so.
Jis man daro tik bloga. He's doing to me only bad things.
Šalta. It's cold.

As you may see from the examples, the neuter gender is very close in meaning to the English pronoun it.

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