at = ati

3 November 2014 by Pigmalijonas


The prefix at-, when positioned before consonants "d" ant "t", takes the form of ati-, e.g. atiduoti ('give back'), atidėti ('postpone'), atitikti ('match').

Jis atiduoda man automobilį. He gives me back the car.
Dėstytojas atideda paskaitą. The lecturer postones the lecture.

This is done for easier pronunciation, much like prefix ap- turning into api- before consonants "b" and "p", e.g. apibėgti, apiplaukti.

Word Meaning
dėstytojas lecturer
atiduoti 1. give away
2. give back
3. return
atidėti 1. postpone
2. delay
3. put aside
atitikti match
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