Plural Nouns

22 July 2014 by Pigmalijonas


A few nouns in Lithuanian are used only in their plural number. They are called plural nouns. Even though they indicate one object, you need to use the plural endings:

durys (door) - not "duris"
grindys (floor) - not "grindis"
marškiniai (a shirt) - not "marškinys"
miltai (flour) - not "miltas"



It is the same as the English word scissors, which in English and in Lithuanian is a plural noun: žirklės.



A plural noun that you are going to come across every day is metai, meaning a year. You must only use its plural endings:






Although metas in singular means a time:



Metas eiti namo. It is time to go home.
Dabar negeras metas skambinti draugams. Now is not a good time to call the friends.



Kokie gražūs metai! What a nice year!
Kokiais metais jūs gyvenote Lietuvoje? In what year did you live in Lithuania?
Skambinkite į duris! Ring the door!
Jie perka gerus miltus. They buy good flour.
Mums nepatinka šios medinės grindys. We don't like this wooden floor.
Paduok šitas žirkles. Pass me these scissors.



Word Meaning
durys door
grindys floor
marškiniai shirt
miltai flour
žirklės scissors
metai year
metas time
metas eiti namo
time to go home
Vakarėlio metu jis miegojo.
He was sleeping at the time of the party.
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