Prefix su- with Verbs of Movement

14 November 2013 by Pigmalijonas

Level: A2

The prefix su, when used with verbs of movement, means a direction from many points to a single point.

sueiti - to gather by walking
subėgti - to gather by running
suvažiuoti - to gather by driving
suskristi - to gather by flying
sujoti - to gather by riding
suplaukti - to gather by swimming

Mokiniai sueina į mokyklą. Pupils gather to school (by walking).
Visi broliai subėga į namus. All the brothers gather home (by running).
Visi laivai suplaukia į uostą. All the ships gather to the harbor (by swimming).
Kunigaikščiai sujoja į pilį. The dukes gather to the castle (by riding).
Paukščiai suskrenda į Lietuvą. The birds gather to Lithuania (by flying).
Visi greiti autobusai suvažiuoja į autobusų parką. All the fast buses gather to the buspark (by driving).

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