Preposition aplink

14 November 2013 by Pigmalijonas


The preposition aplink means around. It requires the accusative case.

Vytautas eina aplink mokyklą. Vytautas is walking around the school.
Vyrams patinka bėgti aplink žalią autobusą. Men like to be running around the green bus.
Mes važiuojame aplink tą pavojingą gatvę. We are driving around that dangerous street.

You ask, why do Lithuanians need the prefix ap, if they already have this preposition aplink? That is because, as we said, a verb has a slightly different meaning when it has a prefix. When a verb is prefixed, the action of the verb becomes momental, finished or done once.

Vytautas apeina aplink mokyklą. Vytautas walks around the school. (This action is made once and for all.)
Mes apvažiuojame aplink tą pavojingą gatvę. We drive around that dangerous street. (This action is made once and for all.)

When there are both the preposition aplink and the prefix ap, the preposition is redundant, although it is perfectly okay to use them together:

Mes apskrendame Ameriką. We fly around America.
Mes apskrendame aplink Ameriką. We fly around America.

In the latter sentence, the action of going around is only emphasized.

Word Meaning
aplink around
jie skrenda aplink pasaulį
they are flying around the world
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