13 November 2013 by Pigmalijonas

Level: A2

In Lithuanian: būdvardis

Lithuanian adjectives go before nouns, like in English:

gražus vyras - handsome man

Lithuanian adjectives have five types of endings:

as: greitas - fast
ias: žalias - green
us: gražus - pretty
is: didelis - big
is: medinis - wooden

The endings of adjectives stay the same, no matter what is the type of the noun:

greitas vyras - a fast man
žalias vyras - a green man
gražus vyras - a handsome man
didelis vyras - a big man
medinis vyras - a wooden man

greitas laikrodis - a fast clock
žalias laikrodis - a green clock
gražus laikrodis - a nice clock
didelis laikrodis - a big clock
medinis laikrodis - a wooden clock

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