Impersonal Pronouns

5 November 2014 by Pigmalijonas

Level: B2

Unlike personal pronouns, there are quite a lot of impersonal pronouns in Lithuanian. Some may almost seem like synonyms (toks and šitoks; tas and šitas).

These are the main impersonal pronouns, with which you can start learning:

tas, ta - that
toks, tokia - so; such; suchlike
kuris, kuri - which, who
pats, pati - own; self

The declension of these pronouns:

  Singular Plural
  Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine
N. tas ta tie tos
G. to tos
D. tam tai tiems toms
A. tuos tas
I. tuo ta tais tomis
L. tame toje tuose tose
N. toks tokia tokie tokios
G. tokio tokios tokių tokių
D. tokiam tokiai tokiems tokioms
A. tokį tokią tokius tokias
I. tokiu tokia tokiais tokiomis
L. tokiame tokioje tokiuose tokiose
N. kuris kuri kurie kurios
G. kurio kurios kurių kurių
D. kuriam kuriai kuriems kurioms
A. kurį kurią kuriuos kurias
I. kuriuo kuria kuriais kuriomis
L. kuriame kurioje kuriuose kuriose
N. pats pati patys pačios
G. paties pačios pačių pačių
D. pačiam pačiai patiems pačioms
A. patį pačią pačius pačias
I. pačiu pačia pačiais pačiomis
L. pačiame pačioje pačiuose pačiose

Other impersonal pronouns

šitas, šita - this (declined as tas, ta)
šitoks, šitokia - so; such; suchlike (declined as toks, tokia)
šis, ši - this (declined as kuris, kuri)
kas - what, who (declined as tas; only masculine singular)
keli, kelios and keleri, kelerios - how many; several; few (declined as numbers 4-9)
kelintas, kelinta - 'which one out of some' (declined as first declension adjectives)
koks, kokia - what (declined as toks, tokia)
manas, mana; tavas, tava; savas, sava - are most likely to be changed by possesive pronouns (declined as first declension adjectives).
joks, jokia - none; any; whatsoever (declined as toks, tokia)
kitoks, kitokia - different; otherwise (declined as toks, tokia)
kiekvienas, kiekviena - every (declined as first declension adjectives)
kitas, kita - other (declined as first declension adjectives)
visas, visa - whole (declined as first declension adjectives)
niekas - nothing (declined as first declension adjectives)
viskas - everything, all (declined as first declension adjectives)

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