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Author:  toto1919 [ 2007 12 03, 09:03 ]
Post subject:  lygtais?

Hi all,

can someone please explain what the word lygtais mean?

Couldn't find it in my dictionary...


Author:  Palomita [ 2007 12 03, 12:31 ]
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You will not find in the dictionary "lygtai", because it is lyg tai (2 words).

lyg tai n. vert. – lyg ir, tartum, tarytum: Jūs vaikų lyg tai (= lyg ir) neturėjote? Lyg tai (= Tarytum, tartum) ir viską parašiau.

Lyg - like, as, as if...

More or less the same as "seems you did not have kids, did you?" so this "seems" is like lyg tai, lyg ir...

When you use lyg ir, lyg tai - you are not 100% sure about action.

Hope it is more clear. :wink:

Author:  toto1919 [ 2007 12 03, 15:49 ]
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Thanks for the answer.

Yes now it is much more clear...

That's why I didn't find the word ašesukvailasžmogus :lol:

Sorry, should have thought of the possibility of it being not one but two words. Thanks for your help.


Author:  crankshaft [ 2007 12 03, 17:15 ]
Post subject:  aš ne kvailas

Aš esu kvailas žmogus
I am a silly man

Author:  asCii [ 2007 12 03, 20:43 ]
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Author:  Palomita [ 2007 12 05, 08:57 ]
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Real silly person never says he/she is silly :wink: that is the think about it guys :wink:
all of you are clever ENOUGH because you manage yourself to learn lithuanian :wink:
have a nice day :!:

Author:  cazoqomu [ 2019 06 19, 08:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: lygtais?

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