daryti vs veikti
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Author:  Zoldi [ 2014 12 12, 15:24 ]
Post subject:  daryti vs veikti


I'm trying to understand the differences between "daryti" and "veikti" but haven't found any clear information so far...
Maybe someone here could explain it to me ?

These two verbs can be translated by using "to do" but i don't think they are 100% synonyms.
Some examples where one verb can be used but not the other one would be very welcomed.

Author:  Zoldi [ 2014 12 18, 18:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: daryti vs veikti

Nobody can explain ?
I tried to ask to some native speakers but it seems this wasn't fully clear for them as well

Author:  Pigmalijonas [ 2015 01 01, 23:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: daryti vs veikti

The main difference is that daryti is a completely transitive verb, while veikti is usually intransitive. That means daryti always requires a direct object: daryti maistą (make food), daryti pratimą (do an exercise). Veikti: bankas veikia darbo dienomis - the bank works on workdays (only a circumstance is specified to the action).

veikti is often used when asking what somebody is up to: ką veiki? (what are you doing? - what's up?). This can be said with daryti: ką darai? Here veikti has a direct object - ką, but this is the only direct object that is common for veikti that I can think of.

Author:  Zoldi [ 2015 01 06, 16:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: daryti vs veikti

Labai ačiū

I think I understand

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