Participle phrases of time
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Author:  rinkevichjm [ 2012 11 17, 19:22 ]
Post subject:  Participle phrases of time

Does Lithuanian ever use genitive participles to indicate time for example in Greek they often use a genitive participle expression to designate a period when the action occurs. Does the locative participle do this?
May what I'm asking is which is correct:
 jiems išgrįzus, štai, Viešpaties angelas pasirodo Juozapui sapne...
after they returned....
 jų išgrįzusiuose, štai, Viešpaties angelas pasirodo Juozapui sapne...
in their having returned,...
 jų išgrįzusių, štai, Viešpaties angelas pasirodo Juozapui sapne...
of their having returned...

Author:  asCii [ 2012 11 19, 06:56 ]
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Author:  rinkevichjm [ 2012 11 19, 09:10 ]
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asCii wrote:

I presume the last one was never. I know the first (the dative absolute = dative subject padalyvis) is used but what about the second form with the subject in genitive and the time in the locative?

Author:  asCii [ 2012 11 21, 19:25 ]
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Oh, sorry. :D Of course I know, you know the first one is correct. I meant that the second and the third are never used.

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