Symbols - stress, pronunciation... ? Amenų brolai?
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Author:  Lauris [ 2012 06 18, 22:26 ]
Post subject:  Symbols - stress, pronunciation... ? Amenų brolai?

I've been trying to figure out what these symbols (à í ĩ ) do. Usually there is only one that marks stress. But there's more here. Can anyone explain how they work, how they change pronunciation, please?

Also, for an example, BROLIAI (nominative plural) is spelled BROĻI. (I hope you understand what I mean here) What makes the L turn into Ļ? Where does the AI go?

Į sveikata! ;D
(Does it fit here? Like cheers in english?)

Author:  asCii [ 2012 06 19, 01:37 ]
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Oh well. Let's see. Can you give me an example of those symbols? Where did you find them and so on?

What you hear as broli with a soft L is in fact product of "ia" being just anothr way to write "e", which softens the previous consonant. So in fact what you should hear is brolei.

I don't think "į sveikatą" fits there :)

Author:  Lauris [ 2012 06 19, 10:21 ]
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Okay, so I got this phrasebook. It's alright. But! I have no idea how to spell those words. Example:

(Hm... Seems that these symbols don't work properly here.)

Ar jūs norite apžiūrėti miestą?

Leiskite pakelti tostą už...

You know, the wavy line, comma and reversed comma on top of letters that are used in dictionaries only and so on.

Author:  asCii [ 2012 06 21, 05:06 ]
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This should clarify that a bit:

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