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 Post subject: participles and time in translation
PostPosted: 2012 09 03, 10:37 
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Verse Mt 1:20 reads in transliterated Greek (with Strong's numbers and parsing codes):
1:20 tauta 3778 {D-APN} de 1161 {CONJ} autou 846 {P-GSM} enyumhyentov 1760 5679 {V-AOP-GSM} idou 3708 5640 {V-2AMM-2S} aggelov 32 {N-NSM} kuriou 2962 {N-GSM} kat 2596 {PREP} onar 3677 {N-OI} efanh 5316 5648 {V-2API-3S} autw 846 {P-DSM} legwn 3004 5723 {V-PAP-NSM} iwshf 2501 {N-PRI} uiov 5207 {N-NSM} dauid 1138 {N-PRI} mh 3361 {PRT-N} fobhyhv 5399 5680 {V-AOS-2S} paralabein 3880 5629 {V-2AAN} marian 3137 {N-ASF} thn 3588 {T-ASF} gunaika 1135 {N-ASF} sou 4771 {P-2GS} to 3588 {T-NSN} gar 1063 {CONJ} en 1722 {PREP} auth 846 {P-DSF} gennhyen 1080 5685 {V-APP-NSN} ek 1537 {PREP} pneumatov 4151 {N-GSN} estin 1510 5719 {V-PAI-3S} agiou 40 {A-GSN}
which I translate into English rather literally as
1:20 Yet, [after] he conceived this, see, the Lord's angel did appear to him in a dream saying, "Joseph, David's son, fear not to take your wife, Mary, for in her [is] he begotten of the Holy Spirit."
which I think could rather literally be rendered in Lithuanian as
1:20 Dar, jam sugalvojus tai, pamatyk, Viešpaties angelas pasirodė jam sapnan sakydamas „Juozapai Dovydo sūnaus nebijok priimti savo žmonos Marijos, nes į ją pagimdytasis iš Šventosios Dvasios.“
now the current Lithuanian bible has:
20 Kai jis nusprendė taip padaryti, per sapną pasirodė jam Viešpaties angelas ir tarė: „Juozapai, Dovydo sūnau, nebijok parsivesti į namus savo žmonos Marijos, nes jos vaisius yra iš Šventosios Dvasios.“
which appears to lose the time ordering that the pusdalyvis "sakydamas" which means the angel appears and is saying whereas the bible translation has the angel appear and then after said utterance. Also at the beginning Joseph has thought this which is rendered with the past pusdalyvis in my translation but the bible translator used a past tense verb making it seem as though the angel apears while he is thinking whereas the Greek has Joseph completing the thinking action in a participle which means that the thinking action was done before the completion of the angel's appearing action (which is the same perfect action of the aorist tense) whereas bible translation uses two active verbs which loses the times aspect.
Is this correct?

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